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On any server you can use this auto captcha.

You can controll your own ids and license key

Your Ids will not banned because you are using our software

This software are doing 100% correct entry

You can use this software 24 hours in a day

You can do stop and start this software anytime

Software is portable, so no need to setup this software

Read all FAQ and answer, maybe your answer is here

FAQ 1: what is the price of single id and reseller?
Answer 1: single id single pc software is 80$, Multi Id single pc is 150$, reseller of this software (admin panel) is 250$

FAQ 2: how many words auto software can typed in 1 hour?
Answer 2: It can solve 800-850 words per hour.

FAQ 3: How much its solving accuracy?
Answer 3: Its solving accuracy is 100% correct entry, you have seen on demo.

FAQ 4: Is it all server supported softwares?
Answer 4: yes, it support all server.

FAQ 5: After make payment how much time it required to get a software?
Answer 5: You will get the software instant.

FAQ 6: May I see a demo software?
Answer 6: Yes, you can see demo software. come on live chat and see demo software it is working good. Also you can understand that on disply of software having our official email. So If we are not main owner of the software so how there our email address? so it is the proof of us that we are genuine and main owner of this software.

FAQ 7: Is it possible to run auto captcha software for many hours or do we have to give the software a rest for some time?
Answer 7: No need any rest. You can run this software 24 hours in a day.

FAQ 8: For regular use How many dollars we can earn in a day?
Answer 8: daily 12-14$ you can make if you use this software 15-16 hours in a day.

FAQ 9: What is the minimum internet speed required for this software to run successfully?
Answer 9: No need super fast speed to run this. You can work for it at 2g speed. Its very faster software.

FAQ 10: If any updates come then how I update my software and should i need to pay again to active my license key?
Answer 10: Don't worry about updates. If any updates version available then when you run the software it will detect automatically and start updating and license will not change of your updated software. So you have not pay again for this.

FAQ 11: Some times, russian alphabets or words appears, or image of animal come when we work in this case what the software does?
Answer 11: If the software cant read any image it will skip automatically and dont submit to server.

FAQ 12: So how Can I pay U?
Answer 13: I only accept perfectmoney or webmoney. If you select perfectmoney then you can order directly by Perfectmoney API payment intergation from "Buy" menu of our web or if you want to use webmoney then ask for our webmoney account on live chat or email.

FAQ 13: Is there any offer or discount may I get or may i pay you installment?
Answer 14: No, Our price is fixed. You should pay total amount at a time. Sometimes we are giving discount but discount for a limited time.

FAQ 14: For single License how much computer may use auto software?
Answer: For single software you can use it on one pc only.

Author: Anastosios Skentzos